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Энни Круз
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Дата рождения:
6 ноября 1984 г.
5' 6"
From her website: I was born and raised in Stockton, CA, the asshole of northern California. Born the oldest to Filipino parents, I was raised Catholic, but I went to a Christian school up until high school. As time goes by, people change. Growing up, I was rather shy. At age 5, something didn't feel right "down there." I knew it felt good, but I was embarassed. In fact, I was so fascinated with my vagina, I showed it off to three other kids when I was in Kindergarten. I had coaxed another girl and two boys to show me their goods. Someone ratted on us, and I remember getting into some deep trouble with my mom. By age 6, I had already passed the obsession with daddy's Playboy magazine collection and started watching scrambled porn on my television set. It would seem that I was destined for porn. When I got into middle school, I secretly fantasized about the women I lusted after at my school. I finally lost my virginity at age 16. I did well in school: Interact Club VP, Cheerleader, JH Cheer coach, journalism/yearbook TEACHER (my senior year), and drama club nerd. My passion for writing encouraged me to go on to college to study Mass Communiations - aka Print Journalism. I graduated in the top 5% of my senior class. I left high school having only had sex with two people ever in my entire life. Although sexually deprived, I held this secret sexual passion and desire, which didn't exactly escape me till college. I went to Dominican University of CA in San Rafael, a Catholic college north of San Francisco. I absolutely hated it with a passion. The only thing I got there aside excellent grades was great sex. And with that great sex came a sex problem. I went from being the inhibited young girl of the past to a nymphomaniac. My mother suggested I not return to that college, and I agreed ... not because of the promiscuity it had brought of me—but because the school was small and the academics were terrible. I have to say that I learned a lot about myself sexually. I did my first gang bang with five guys during my freshman year at that college. I didn't even know what a "DP" [double penetration=one in the pussy, one in the ass at the same time] was until I got into porn. All I knew is that it was great ... and I loved it. I became an exhibitionist, and sex became my everyday vitamin. Some of the craziest places I have had sex in are: In the patio of the convent of my Catholic college, the study lounge, outside of the dorms against a tree, bail bonds office, outdoor basketball court, playground, and so many other crazy places. My sophomore year, I ended up proving myself to my family by moving to San Francisco on my own. I started a new college there and lived in a two bedroom apartment with four guys in San Bruno, CA. One was my boyfriend, whom I cheated on numerous times. I suppose I just wasn't cut out for being in a relationship at the time. I was addicted to sex and being bisexual meant being confused to him, and the idea of my fucking a woman disgusted him. It also meant I was cheating, and I couldn't take it anymore. We broke up, and I finally moved into the beautiful city of San Francisco in the Sunset District ... my dream since I was a child. It was October 2003 when I had contacted an amateur porn producer in San Francisco [http://asiandivagirls.com]. I immediately was given the chance to do my first scene ... a girl/girl scene. From that point on, I continued doing porn. Dick Webber shot me quite a few times and even flew me out to Vegas with him for AVN and AEE. It was a different experience for me. I had made lots of new contacts ... no one knew who I was because I was "new" but hadn't even gone to Los Angeles yet. Dick encouraged me not to go to LA. He advised me that I wasn't ready yet and to remain exclusive with him. I didn't want to. After going to AVN, I had the urge to do bigger things. So ... I did. Against his wishes, I flew out to Las Vegas to work for another amateur company [Limelight]. I stayed a week there and worked for other companies as well, and then I went to LA for Asian Model Palooza. The guys from Limelight had taken me with them. The girl I was dating at the time was with me, and we ended up staying in LA after the Palooza. I have experienced so many wonderful things in this business and have met great people. It's been fun so far. Aside from porn, I am an amateur boxer and I also play the drums ... naked. :-) I love porn—I always have. Most of all, I love REAL sex. Call me a gonzo girl if you must, but I love it. I know I can't perform forever though. My entire family knows of what I do, and I am assured everyday that nothing will change their love for me. It took time to get used to, but I can relax knowing that my family still love me. For now—whatever happens, happens. There is only one thing I have learned through my experiences. I may be young, but I have been through a lot of shit in my life. Find Annie Cruz at www.anniecruz.com and twitter.com/anniefuckincruz , among other online locations. (Photo courtesy of 101Modeling.com)
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